Gerald Paul Bourgeois - Independent Artist/Filmmaker

BFA-NSCAD2001, MLIS-Dalhousie University–1997, BA–Saint Mary's University–1986


I have a background in media and international travel and skills in computer art, animation, film-making, computer operation, music, and writing for stage, radio and film. I have skills in digital editing and some 3D modelling in Blender. I'm currently involved in writing and a graphic novel project. Full resume


Some Videos and Documentaries:

I Go Down – Sprout Film Festival - NY Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art - 2006

An Empowerment Conference - For and by autistic people in Tampere, Finland – 2005

We Were Created For The Sky – Jack and The Hotel Faces, Canada – 2004

Lock up my Brain – Jack and The Hotel Faces, Canada – 2004

Creation TransformationsNSCAD, Canada - 1999

A few samples of my Photoshop artwork:

A Musical Montage: an edit of some of my work to George Kahn’s Too Much Sax, album: Compared To What

The Old Shop * Space Face * Barbarian * Moonlady * Space * Magician’s Workshop

Associated Websites: The Evergreen Writer's Group, Strange Island

Halifax, N.S., Canada 902-466-7177